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Senegal or the Republic of Senegal is a country in West Africa and its capital is Dakar. Senegal is situated at the Atlantic Ocean and has attractive beaches great for fishing, sun bathing, diving, snorkling, boating, sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Many tourists visit the luxury beach resorts, natural and historic sites. The resorts are often combined with safari/wildlife and nature tours, for example the Sine-Saloum Delta, the Grande Côte (north of Dakar), the Lac Rose, and Senegal River delta in the north (near Saint-Louis). A must visit is the colonial island town of Saint-Louis with its long history and colonial architecture.

There are many hotels in Senegal varying from simple to luxurious five star hotels. Below you will find a small sellection of those hotels is the following cities:
Dakar hotels: Radisson Blu Dakar five stars, King Fahd Palace Hotel five stars, Hotel Jardin Savana Dakar four stars, Sargal Hôtel three stars and Hotel Baraka.
Saly Portudal hotels: Hotel Royam, Keparanga, Obama Beach Hotel, Hôtel Espadon and Kingz Plaza Microstel, all four star hotels.
Mbour hotels: Lamantin Beach Resort & SPA five stars, Framissima Palm Beach four stars, Le Warang two stars, Tama Lodge and Keur Baboune.

Cities: Dakar, Saint-Louis, Thiès, Kaolack, Ziguinchor, Tambacounda, Touba, Kafountine and Kedougou.

Beautiful Islands and nature reserves: Fadiout + Joal, Ile de Gorée, Karabane, Niokolo-Koba, Delta du Saloum, Parc National des oiseaux du Djoudj and Reserve de Palmarin.

The must see Stone circles: Nioro du Rip, Keur Ali Lobé, Sali, Kau-Ur to Wassau and Ker Batch.

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